CrossFit Group Classes

CrossFit classes

We have a strong community of athletes of all ages and levels.

Nutrition Consultation


Your diet is crucial if you want to reach your fitness goals. We’ll create a plan for your needs.

Personalized Coaching


For athletes who want programming tailored to their strengths and weaknesses.

Seniors Fitness Program


Fitness program for seniors who seek Health and Longevity.



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What Clients Say

Un grand merci à Mizar de m’avoir appris a surpasser mes limites, appris a être encore plus forte mentalement, surtout dans les moments de doutes ou de frustration, et que l’on doit toujours être en accord avec ce que nous sommes. Sa capacité d’adaptation à chaque personne et son professionnalisme sont deux de ses grands atouts qu’il faut absolument expérimenter.
Aude Bernard, Montreal
His [Mizar’s]attention to the needs and progression of his clients is how, as a team, we get results through a safe progression founded on technique. I just can’t compare my physical and mental state from when I first started working out with Mizar and now.
Olivier Lessard, Montreal



Aude – Squat Clean


Group Clean & Jerk Testing


Ariane Front Squat


Mizar 30 Muscle Ups