Our Mission

At MFO Training, our mission is to empower individuals to attain and maintain good health; We support this mission with a philosophy of maintaining excellence in all the services we provide.

Why Us?

All the coaches at our gym are highly trained and certified individuals with life-long dedication to health and well-being. Our goal is to get you to started off on the right foot with regard to your training, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Our head coach Mizar Fuentes-Ortega, has over 12 years of experience as a coach and over 14 years of experience as an athlete. He continues his journey as an athlete and a coach under the mentorship of James Fitzgerald (Director of Optimum Performance Training Inc); and Pierre Roy (Olympic Lifting Coach). He has coached and mentored many athletes from diverse backgrounds and enabled them to reach their goals.

At MFO training, we also collaborate with Lucie Blouin Health Center to aid with health, performance and longevity through functional medicine, massotherapy and naturopathy services.

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