Mizar Fuentes-Ortega

Owner and Head Coach at MFO

Mizar is a former gymnast, certified level-1 CrossFit instructor, CrossFit athlete, and martial artist. Mizar started coaching when he was 15 and first started teaching gymnastics at a recreational and pre-competitive level (kids ranging from 4-16 years old). As a gymnastics instructor, Mizar coached for eight years and obtained a gymnastics Level-1 Certification. Looking to challenge himself, he started CrossFit in 2009.

Mizar has always striven to develop his mind, body and spirit to their natural limits. He became a personal trainer and lifestyle coach to share his findings. Why? Because he enjoys having a positive impact on people’s lives.

Possessing good health is an integral part of being able to achieve your goals, whatever they are. If you have a dream but good health eludes you, how will you realize that dream?

If you are healthy then the will to pursue your dreams is all that you need. The dream leads you on a journey and the reward is in the journey; not the destination!

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Isabelle Galarneau began coaching because she passionately believes in helping athletes define their fitness journey in sport and fitness. She specializes in development and support of individuals who seek lifestyle-change to pursue their highest values whether it to be sport or wellness. Isabelle continues her education and research with the most proficient athletes at MFO Training and OPEX Fitness (formerly OPT) as she continues to prepare athletes for all types of competitive sport scenarios.

Laura Quilty has a particular affection and persistence for progress. She loves to dig into the specific needs of our members so that their progress can be consistent, over time. Laura has worked with adult athletes and kids, looking for better health. She loves working with clients who are looking to achieve big goals by using fitness as their medium. Those goals may be inside or outside of the gym, Laura wants to help you get there!