Nutrition Consultations

What is nutrition? 

Nutrition is the scientific study of food and nourishment, including food composition, dietary guidelines, and the roles that various nutrients have in maintaining health.

Why is it important?

Whether your goal is weight management, performance enhancement, changing your body composition, have sustained energy, better sleep or just plain old good health, nutrition changes go a long way in assisting you reach your goals.

Why us?

We think that each individual is different and hence each individual’s body reacts to the same foods in different ways. When  it comes to nutrition prescriptions, like exercise programs, there is no one-size-fits all. We will work with you to understand your goals, your current lifestyle and the unique challenges that keep you from reaching your goals. We will then work with you to methodically incorporate nutritional changes which will help you towards your goals.

What does a nutrition consultation include?

You will keep a daily food log for one week. You will also include descriptions of how you felt throughout the day. Did you wake up hungry? Did you start feeling sluggish after lunch? Did you crave desserts after dinner? 

Once your log is complete, our coaches will review your log with you and discuss the implications of your diets and recommend changes that will help you to better achieve your goals. 

Next steps? 

  • Sign up for a nutrition consultation with us. All unlimited memberships already include a consultation. 

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