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As a former gymnast and gymnastics coach, Mizar found himself looking for another physical challenge. That’s when he found CrossFit (2009). He quickly realized this was something he wanted to pursue, both as an athlete and as a coach. With the mentorship of James FitzGerald (Founder of OPEX Fitness), he qualified for the CrossFit Regionals multiple years in a row.  


Seeking to understand more, he joined the OPEX CCP program and continued to develop his mind, body and spirit and looks to do the same with his clients. He became a coach for individuals who are committed to long-term progress and who are not just lookin for a quick fix. Why? Because he enjoys having a positive impact on people’s lives and he knows that everyone has the potential to be a stronger, healthier version of themselves.


As a coach, Mizar believes in starting with the basics. He encourages his clients to set goals and to understand their “why”. Why are they training? Why is this important to them.  The reason we choose do things is important because it helps to set our priorities straight. The excuse “I don’t have time” no longer exists. It’s more like “It’s not a priority at the moment”.




Isabelle started coaching because she passionately believes in helping people to find their way to a healthier life. She specializes in the development and support of people who are looking to make a big change, whether it be for sport performance or for their own personal well-being. Isabelle has trained with the best athletes at MFO Training and OPEX Fitness (previously OPT), while preparing athletes of all levels for many different types of sports and activities.



Laura found CrossFit in 2011, while completing her B.Sc. at McGill University. Having been a competitive athlete in high school, she needed a new physical challenge. After falling in love with the sport, she began her training with Mizar and started coaching in 2013.


As a coach, Laura realized that she wanted to teach and went on to complete a Masters in Education. She is currently working as a high school science teacher, as well as a volleyball coach. While she loves working in a school, the gym holds a special place in her heart. Laura has a passion for helping people to achieve their goals and tries to instill in both her students and clients that with hardwork and dedication, goals that seem impossible become possible.



Luc is a college-level physical educator. Formerly a national-level athlete and judo coach, he has a particular interest in the technique and efficiency of movement. Luc is passionate about physical activity and health. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with members accompanying them on their journey to achieve their goals. According to him, training in a safe environment while having fun is the key to a long active life!



Étienne graduated from École de cirque de Québec in 2014. He has 15 years of training in different disciplines such as contortion, aerial acrobatics and has a strong foundation in handstands, stretching and mobility. He has traveled with several different companies worldwide, has worked as a stuntman for television programs and now works as a performer for special events. He also people of all levels: kids who are looking to be introduced to circus art, acrosport competitive teams, and even circus professionals.  Étienne is fascinated by the physical aspect of training and the bio-mechanics of the movement and enjoys passing on his knowledge to everyone he can! 

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